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there were ONCE TWO friends, BREWING IN A BARN...

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It was waaaaay back in 2014 when two old Uni friends bumped into each other at their kids’ awards ceremony in County Hall. 


“Do you still brew?” Steve asked, remembering the days when Anne could sink a pint in 6 seconds. 


“I certainly do,” replied Anne, who had earlier that year in fact featured on The One Show for a chili and lime concoction. 


And with that, they ditched their careers and founded The Godstone Brewers. 


A lot has happened since that day. 


They’ve developed more beer recipes than Head Of Labels; Will, can keep up with, attended what feels like close to 1000 beer festivals, braved the rain and cold in countless farmers markets, and even dressed up in full lederhosen at Flower Farm’s annual Oktoberryfest.


Oh and Anne recently downed a pint in 8 seconds - not bad for a 60 year old... 


The best part however, has been getting to know everyone along the way. Many thanks are in order for Patrick and friends at Flower Farm, who kindly welcomed punters to quirky venues such as the tearoom or 16th Century Shepherds Barn, every Friday, for #FreshBeerFriday (one of Steve’s better ideas).


Times are of course a little different right now, but we look forward to catching up with everyone again when it's safe to do so. Read our response to COVID-19.

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We've just launched our online shop (yay!), where you'll get the latest information on our current stock.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please email and we'll do our best to help.

Price guide: A case of 12x500ml Bottles is typically £30 (can be mixed Ales). Casks, Firkins [72 pints] and Pins [36 pints] are currently withdrawn from general sale to discourage gatherings and encourage proper social distancing. 5 litre mini kegs [almost 9 pints for £28] available freshly filled from the cask

Local delivery - within 5 miles is free for orders in excess of £28. National delivery using a courier is £7/case.

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